Achieve your GOAL while make NATURE GREAT AGAIN

The future lies in finding sustainable ways to conduct business and a green marketing agency is a key part of the future of marketing. Environmentally-friendly companies take their models a step further by striving to minimize the impact of their work on the Earth’s fragile resources.

GUARRANTED is our core strategy


Plant the best seeds: We help you build your startup in the best way.


Take care of your garden: We help you develop your business with the most adequate solutions.


Grow your forest: We help you enlarge your activities in a smart and sustainable way.


Part of Nature: Your forest is growing like nature and spread to the world, have the next generation


Green team of freelancers

We believe the green economy is what will make the world a better place.

We want to dedicate our mission and values to people and businesses who choose to go green because they are the ones who dare to innovate and think outside the box. 

We help our clients grow their business with eco-friendly marketing strategies and make their dreams come true.

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Let us help you and you save the world

Environmentally-conscious businesses want a green marketing strategy that is right for their brand. They face many difficulties in finding the right marketing team because of differences in lifestyle, culture, education...

That starts with us helping you get your eco-marketing message out to a larger audience. When it comes to environmental marketing, choose a marketing team that aligns with your values as well as helps you leverage your brand’s mission and attract the ideal customers.

We understand that sustainability can be a sensitive subject making it difficult to get your inspiring message across.

With that being said, sustainability marketing isn’t just about telling your audience what you’re doing and why it is important. It is also about inspiring them to join you and contribute to the planet.

Our expert strategists will map out a full plan to convert those who align with your cause into loyal customers.

There are a number of marketing tactics that our marketing team can use to help highlight your sustainable practices– which is why we’ll take the time to understand just how you practice corporate sustainability before we build any marketing campaign.

Great marketing depends on quality data analysis and strategy development, and we’re committed to understanding yours in order to make sure our marketing efforts generate a high return.

We love data and analysis and would be honored to put it to use to save the world we live in.

Look no further than the team here


The biggest problem of businesses in the Vietnamese market is that they do not describe their customers in detail. The result is wasted financial resources, time, and ineffective marketing in terms of both awareness and conversions. We can help you see the blind spots when visualizing your customers.


Relying on reliable sources of information from market research, we can provide a professional and highly enforceable marketing plan.
Businesses will choose the most appropriate direction to save costs and increase marketing and sales efficiency.


Green products and services need to be communicated in a green way: Clean and secure feed, selective form, outstanding story...
Highly synchronized branding is one of the criteria to bring the product story into the customer's memory.


The social channel is manually taken care of, creating a natural flow of information like real people, helping to increase the credibility of the media messages. Making friends, interacting, commenting, seeding are all planned and measured specifically according to the creative story for each campaign.


Reporters with years of experience well received by intellectuals and rigorous editors.
Wide network of domestic and international press relations, especially strong in the fields of environment, circular economy, green economy, supporting the disadvantaged, people with disabilities, women, ...


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Emphasis on customer care to optimize conversion and help each customer buy more in each order, buy again, be satisfied and share.
By using healing events as an effective networking tool, businesses can safely entrust the building of a community of consumers and in-depth customer care to the team.


Search, connect, build standards, train senior personnel in the field of sales depending on the characteristics of the business.
Focus on trade marketing, referral-based collaborators,...


Relationships with chambers of commerce, non-governmental organizations, business networks... domestically and internationally help come up with marketing plans that are suitable for businesses of various sizes and goals.
For green businesses, when resources are limited, they will be advised to combine together on available and specialized communication channels.


International background - local understanding

Each specialist is professionally and intensively trained abroad under a government scholarship.

Our experts all have at least 10 years of experience in their area of expertise. This ensures the detailed success of the project tasks as we have the necessary connections in the area of expertise in the local market and international business relations.

Moreover, we live green: all practice meditation, some are vegetarians, some are organic, many have working experience in the field of green energy and economics. circulation, active health care...

The above gives us great confidence and motivation in helping businesses in the fields of agriculture, energy, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, therapy, culture, tourism...

Tam Nguyen

International Journalist
Co-founder of GMTim

Haley Nguyen

Professional Producer
Co-founder of GMTim

Hau Do

Minimalist Designer

Nhan Nguyen

(Master) Marketing Strategist

Cong Nguyen

Founder SIB Connect
IT senior expert

Master Hằng Phương

Business & Resources Advisor
Naturopath & Zen Music Healer

Unified approach angle

Full convergence of experts with many years of experience in marketing aspects, so the plan given to the business is overall

Integration approach

Experts are trained in an international environment, so the perspective and approach are more modern, suitable for businesses that want to raise their export level

Marketing & Sales

The proposed plan is always ready for the sales team to work. Integrate consulting to build a sales team for businesses, so businesses can be assured of a reasonable investment for marketing

Marketing & Management

Helping to bring the artificial Marketing process to nature. Don't let the difficulty for customers to maintain projects.


Typical Social Project 2023


TVC Thanh Đường An

TVC Imunoglukan

TVC Ychie toothpaste

TVC Red River Cushion

TVC BERH color paint

TVC Hoa Tiên Paradise

TVC Cộng Coffee


TVC Thanh Đường An

TVC Imunoglukan

TVC Ychie toothpaste

TVC Red River Cushion

TVC BERH color paint

TVC Hoa Tiên Paradise

TVC Cộng Coffee

Trang An General Hospital

Sato Viet - Japan

Ion Life

Bravo software

East Sea Group

Khai Son Town Project

East Sea Group

Dahlia Home

Phố Nối House

Cộng Coffee

Cộng Coffee

Cộng Coffee

Giới thiệu Công ty CP Dược phẩm Hà Tây &(HATAPHAR) Giới thiệu Công ty Xuất nhập khẩu Việt Hàn

Giới thiệu Công ty CP Vikosan + Phóng sự Công ty CP Thiên Quang

Giới thiệu Công ty Gốm Đất Việt và Công ty CP Dược Khoa (DK Pharma)


Biomass energy for farmers

Vietnam Green Energy Handbook - Biomass Go Green

Yin Yoga

Clearly applied what was learned
Obviously have always read a lot of books
But something indefinable is still preventing you from achieving success
You have a headache in finding a marketing plan, advertising, promotion, finding capital… There's just a little more, one more small step… but it's not clear what exactly.
You have a headache in the personnel story… There's just a little bit more, a small excuse… but I don't understand where it's still stuck.
Come to GMTim's sharing workshop - the agency "heals" your marketing and management pain.
Every week GMTim will have a meeting with a selective business with the cost of just one meal.

1. FDI business wants to find a local marketing unit that knows how to sell
2. Startup, Small and Medium Enterprises, Social Impact Business, NGOs, individuals... want to find a marketing unit with experienced experts, explore the international market
Areas: agriculture, energy, industry, transportation, construction, commerce, fashion, cosmetics, education, investment....

Ngày 20/2, GMTIM đã thực hiện buổi tham vấn thứ tư trong chuỗi biz talk tư vấn chiến lược cùng HTX Quang Tom từ Bắc Hà, Lào Cai. Trong chuỗi biz talk doanh nghiệp được triển khai hằng tuần, chúng tôi đã chia sẻ và hỗ trợ các doanh nghiệp định hình hoặc củng cố
Vườn Xanh là dự án phân phối theo kênh hệ thống hướng tới các sản phẩm mỹ phẩm, thực phẩm chức năng, thực phẩm hữu cơ, máy lọc không khí, đồ gia dụng có hàm lượng sáng tạo và chất xám cao. Đại diện Vườn Xanh đã gặp gỡ GMTim và chia sẻ về dự
GMTim, Agency Marketing và Quản trị Xanh đầu tiên ở Việt Nam, đã gặp giám đốc thời trang MIMI vào ngày 13/2 để thảo luận về kế hoạch xây dựng một cộng đồng tiêu dùng sinh thái và chiến lược tiếp cận khách hàng trong nước của MIMI. Cuộc họp nằm trong chuỗi chương trình